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A Podcast Is Born

As part of a monthly new three-broadcast series (What’s Working in Washington on WFED and coming this fall, co-hosting the Corporate Counsel Business Journal webcast) we have launched Real Washington, co-sponsored by the CCBJ, CommPro, and the Snider Center at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business.

Welcome to Real Washington, where thought leaders from litigation and regulation to Wall Street and movement politics discuss what’s next. We started this podcast because we too often miss the signs of the future. Too busy with the now to register what’s next. There’s always a canary in the coal mine. A warning sign of future crisis, when the past becomes prologue, if only we had paid attention. 

Real Washington: Where ideas become movements.

The first episode is on the #MeToo movement with Deborah Kelly, a partner with Manatt, and Nicole Lamb-Hale, a Managing Director with Kroll.

I hope you enjoy the view.

Richard Levick

Watch: Real Washington Episode 1

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