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LEVICK Announces Partnership With Jipyong – LEVICK
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LEVICK Announces Partnership with Jipyong

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Korea’s leading law firm Jipyong LLC (Managing Partner Sung Taek Lim) has teamed up with global crisis management firm in Washington DC LEVICK (CEO Richard Levick) to provide an unprecedented cross-border crisis management services to multinational corporations and global organizations.  Their partnership coinciding with the global pandemic crisis is expected to yield a much needed synergy between legal and public relations professionals and a fresh perspective on how companies should approach crisis management in the post COVID-19 era.

As business environment changes rapidly and increases in complexity, companies are facing risks and crises which they have not confronted before –from natural disasters to political risks involving regulatory constraints, labor issues, consumer rights and privacy concerns.  Unlike in the past when risk exposure could be contained through controlled PR management, advancements in information technology and social medial have rendered corporations powerless before instantaneous geographically limitless spread of information.  Risk of exposure has become far more devastating and critical to corporate survival.

Today’s corporations must detect and manage exponentially increased risk factors to upkeep their corporate image and reputation.  As a result, establishing a crisis management system has become an essential part of risk prevention.  Building and maintaining an effective crisis management system requires the knowledge and experience of multi-disciplinary experts who can filter and process mountains of information with speed and accuracy and make timely recommendations for every possible contingency.

Jipyong’s CM team and LEVICK have combined forces to provide premium crisis management services such as global crisis monitoring, real-time crisis response, crisis recovery plan, and post-crisis evaluation.  With the partnership between Jipyong and LEVICK, companies can benefit the best of both worlds – across boundaries and industry sectors, encompassing all risk points including legal, accounting , public relations and HR.

Richard Levick, founder of LEVICK and pioneer in crisis management communications with background in law, has consulted countless companies in responding to crises of global scale, including the 2008 global financial crisis, the BP oil spill in 2010 (for a major Japanese conglomerate), more than 30 countries and many of the chaebols. They currently represent a number of Chinese companies facing unique challenges in the U.S.  LEVICK’s clients include most of the top 100 US law firms and more than a third of the top 100 global law firms.

Jipyong is known as the most global-minded law firm in Korea, having more branches than any other Korean law firms in countries such as China, Russia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.  Jipyong’s CM team is led by its Managing Partner Sung Taek Lim who has extensive experience in litigation, crisis management, and working with civil organizations.  Other partners in the team include former Constitutional Court Justice and Managing Partner Kong Hyun Lee, former judges Gyeong Woon Kang and Soo Saeng Moon, former prosecutor Sehoon Choi.  Field experts include Seung Soo Choi.

(information and Communications), Bernard Ham (pharmaceutical and biomedical), Gee Hong Kim (fair trade and competition), Hye Jung Ryu (energy & environment), Kwang Sun LEE (labor), Jeong Kyu Choe (IP), Seongcheol Park (construction and real estate), Poom JANG (fair trade and competition), Jin Kwon Kim (legislative & public policy) and Jinhee Kim (global dispute resolution).

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