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“Crooked Dominion Machines,” Impeachments, Insurrections & The First 100 Days

Emoluments, Impeachments & Insurrections

Ambassador Norm Eisen, former Democratic counsel on the House Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment of former President Donald J. Trump, speaks with host Richard Levick on the issues behind and in front of us. He also spoke about his latest nonpartisan initiative, the Voter Protection Program.


The First 100 Days

Long-time Washington insider and prominent Democratic strategist Manny Ortiz of VantageKnight speaks with host Richard Levick about what we can expect domestically and internationally from the Biden Administration in its first 100 days.


“Crooked Dominion Machines”

In between the filing of separate $1.3 billion defamation lawsuits, first against Sidney Powell and then against Rudolph W. Giuliani (“Crooked Dominion machines”), Monday, Dominion Voting Systems lawyer Thomas Clare of Clare Locke took time out to appear on In House Warrior, the daily podcast of the Corporate Counsel Business Journal, hosted by Richard Levick.


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