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In Memoriam: Stephen Susman

Almost all of our work with law firms over nearly 25 years has been with the AmLaw and Global 200, but periodically we work with plaintiffs’ firms. Who could ever forget Steve Susman of Susman Godfrey, who filled every room, not just the courtroom? He could walk through a conference of AmLaw partners like royalty; “How much money are you going to get from my clients today?” was the common refrain. I worked with Steve on multiple issues over nearly 20 years. A task master for sure, who always demanded precision. But the meeting I remember most, the one that stands out from all those meetings in Washington and Houston, was the conversation we had, after he had found cycling, first as a onetime thing, riding 150 miles to raise money for MS. But soon it became a way of life. Tragically it was a biking accident that led to a coma and began his sudden decline; he contracted Covid-19, which eventually took his life. What I choose to remember, is the sparkle in his eyes, a man 20 pounds lighter and 20 years younger, after he had discovered the elixir of cycling. Steve, you will be missed….Read more

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