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Marketing- It’s Up To You…

“Marketing should not be left up to the marketing department”– David Packard, Founder Hewlett Packard

Marketing is more than you think.

Now don’t all you marketing pros go getting upset. Mr. Packard’s message means look at the entire team; i.e. everyone should be marketing. Team, another of the 12 essential practices for business growth from 36ixty Inc., includes secretaries, paralegals, accounting, attorneys, etc. and should be chasing suspects and prospects. They can be coached to share what your firm accomplishes for clients.

Everyone, and we mean everyone on the team, needs to have the same core message. In our work with clients we emphasize that community participation and social gatherings are among the best places to raise awareness. We encourage clients to transform their business development culture to ensure communications within the firm go to everyone. Search for opportunities to place your colleagues on advisory boards, industry associations, etc.

Another strategy is to encourage your practice area groups or business units to attend each other’s meetings. Build a sense of working together makes a brighter future for all. 

Chase away “See no marketing; hear no marketing; speak no marketing.” Your team’s mantra should be:



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