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Buhari Inaugurated. What Now for Nigeria?

Last week, President Muhammadu Buhari was inaugurated to his second five-year term in office and the message to the international community is: expect more of the same – slow and steady growth, coupled with slow progress against corruption. The next five years won’t be easy for President Buhari. His health will continue to be an issue and with the opposition PDP holding more governorships than before, implementing Buhari’s good governance reforms may be increasingly difficult.

As good governance and transparency continue to make steady progress in Nigeria, international companies doing business or looking to do business in the country should ask themselves if business as usual will continue to work. Or perhaps they should consider if a new approach that harnesses the power of Nigeria’s vibrant press and digital ecosystems to communicate and position their brand among key stakeholders is in order. Nigeria is changing and it’s important for brands to view the country as the emerging and sophisticated market that it is.

Matthew A. McMillan

Matthew A. McMillan is the President of BuzzMaker (

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