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Navigating U.S. Regulatory, Legal & Communications Hurdles

In our third eBook, we provide a guidebook for foreign companies navigating the U.S. regulatory, legal and communications marketplace. With the help of the terrific insights from a number of lawyers and lobbyists quoted throughout and our own experiences representing so many countries and companies, we have come to see patterns between companies that succeed and expand and those that face significantly increased costs, time, civil and even criminal exposure. America is an extraordinary market, but it isn’t an easy one.

Realize it or not, we all have a “success bias,” which in our own countries we refer to as proven business instincts. They are the business smarts which put companies into the successful position to expand into other markets in the first place. But penetrating new markets often puts everything on its head.

The U.S., as attractive as it is, presents its own myriad challenges, be they an active plaintiffs bar; literally hundreds of thousands of state and federal regulations; regulators who, in some cases, reserve their largest fines for foreign companies; a free and non-state controlled media that treats foreign executives far differently on American soil than even their own correspondents do in the foreign market; and a robust social media that has no shortage of vocal critics.

Welcome to America. We hope this eBook makes it easier for you and the companies you represent to succeed in the land of plenty.

Enjoy the read.

Richard Levick

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