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LEVICK Litigation Communications eBook Updated

The communications milieu surrounding complex litigation matters has changed as radically in recent years as the media dynamic that drives political or business communications. It’s not only general counsels and their legal teams that face dramatically new communications threats in trials and legal proceedings these days. It’s every stakeholder – including CEOs, c-suite executives, and board members.

How do corporations and other institutions approach potentially awkward or damaging litigation in the age of the 24/7 news cycle, Twitter, Instagram, and instant online grassroots mobilization engineered by plaintiffs’ counsel? To help answer that question, LEVICK has updated and revised our Litigation Communications in the Information Age eBook. It’s a quick how-to primer on what every principal should know about communicating amid tough litigation.

Our Litigation eBook was Volume 1 in the LEVICK communications eBook series, followed earlier this year by Volume 2, Criminalizing the Boardroom: A Communications Guidebook for Prosecutorial Targets.

This fall, Volume 3, Navigating U.S. Regulatory and Legal Hurdles: A Guidebook for Foreign-Based Companies, will be issued, followed in late 2019 or early 2020 by Volume 4, a communications primer for organizations dealing with cyber threats (spoiler alert: that’s everyone!)

As new challenges and new media evolve, LEVICK will continue updating our communications eBooks. It not only keeps our clients, prospective clients, and friends and allies up-to-date, it keeps us up-to-date!

Happy reading.

Richard Levick

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