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Winter Olympics: China, having learned the game as 2008 host, now plays by its own rules

the olympic rings
Richard Levick spoke to the South China Morning Post about the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and the issues China may face as they prepare to host once again.

Its ability to set the terms underscores another change: in 2022, the IOC needs China, given the lack of other credible bidders for the Games, and has come under criticism for bowing to Beijing’s will; in 2008 China needed the IOC to showcase itself on the global stage.

Having hosted an Olympics before, China is far more secure in its ability to brush aside critics, keep on side the IOC, broadcasters and sponsors and pull off a carefully choreographed global TV event.

“The more it’s about beauty, pageantry and sport, the more they win,” said Richard Levick, head of Levick, a crisis management firm. “No one is going to notice that a few men in suits are missing. Compared to 2008, they have much more confidence.”

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