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The Unprecedented Crisis

Sued by California for harassment, discrimination, unequal pay and more, Activision Blizzard issued a confrontational and combative statement refuting the charges. Then the employees walked out. And key gaming influencers stopped using the AB platform. Managing company reputation using precedent analysis: there are many relevant previous corporate calamities with closely matched circumstances that can provide a pathway towards a better outcome:

Among technology companies only, dozens of “gender discrimination” events can be reviewed in advance. Examples:

Google gender pay gap: women advance suit that could affect 8,300 workers

-US government v Silicon Valley: Oracle said to owe $400m to women and minorities

There have been dozens of “activist employee” events on a range of varying issues over the past few years. Examples:

Microsoft employees demand company end contracts with Seattle police

Facebook employees stage walkout

Combining these data sets and others yields risk event precedents that can yield effective response approaches and potential reputation defense strategies.

Solving the “Unprecedented Crisis” with Precedent Analysis
Social activism risk event data and insight supplied by Marketing Scenario Analytica. Today, companies face increasing risk from social issues including racism, sexism and now COVID-19. Our database categorizes thousands of social risk events, across multiple variables. We identify comparable issues to any current situation and pinpoint effective responses. To learn more, please visit

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