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Sorry Works! Announces Partnership with LEVICK

Sorry Works!, the nation’s leading disclosure training & advocacy organization, and LEVICK are proud to announce a partnership to serve the crisis communications needs of healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

“For over 16 years we at Sorry Works! have taught and consulted on a specialized form of crisis communications known as disclosure and apology for medical errors,” says Doug Wojcieszak. “We have shown medical, insurance, and legal professionals how to deliver the worst news to patients and families and ethically own a situation.  Now, we are partnering with LEVICK to provide comprehensive crisis communications expertise to healthcare organizations.”

“Not only will this partnership expand the offerings of Sorry Works, but also strengthen our traditional services in disclosure and apology,” adds Wojcieszak.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, LEVICK, with the tagline “Fixing the Impossible,” is the go-to crisis communications firm for countries and companies seeking strategic public relations, public affairs, and litigation communications consulting.  Led by attorney Richard Levick and a team of seasoned PR, PA, and litigation professionals, LEVICK assists heads of state and corporations and their lawyers, lobbyists and other professionals on the highest stakes matters of our time.

“While we have historically done a lot of health care work, we have always wanted to penetrate the sector more deeply with a level of expertise that profoundly understands not only the industry trends but the mindset of the litigants and participants. Through our partnership with Doug Wojcieszak and Sorry Works! we will offer expanded crisis communications services to the healthcare industry along with the insurance and legal organizations that support healthcare,” says Richard Levick. “We have always admired Sorry Works! because disclosure and apology is, at its heart, crisis communications. LEVICK and Sorry Works! will consult on high stakes litigation, HIPAA breaches, and other high-profile matters and opportunities in healthcare while amplifying Sorry Works! traditional focus in disclosure and apology. This is a special partnership in which both sides complement each other.”

Sorry Works! is a 501c3 non-profit advocacy and consulting organization and can be found at

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