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Richard Levick on Will Smith’s Oscars Controversy

Richard Levick appeared in an April 4, 2022 CNN segment, commenting on the controversy surrounding Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars.

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: CNN has reached out to Netflix for comment. We haven’t heard back.

“The New York Times” cites three talent agents, speaking on condition of anonymity to describe private negotiations, as saying there have been indications that at least some of Smith’s upcoming projects could be hanging in the balance. We asked a strategic communications specialist about Will Smith’s carefully cultivated brand of likability and his future.

Do you see him losing movie roles and other things?

RICHARD LEVICK, CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST: I think Will Smith in the long term will be fine, but as an American, I don’t know if I can use this word for Will Smith, but one of our sweethearts. That brand is slightly damaged at least for a while.

TODD: Crisis communication specialist Richard Levick says, if he was advising Will Smith, he would advise Smith to go on an apology tour. And to see if it’s possible to appear publicly with Chris Rock to discuss what happened.

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