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Richard Levick On Crisis Communications – LEVICK
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Richard Levick on Crisis Communications

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Crisis abhors a vacuum. The gap in leadership is immediately filled with other leadership. That’s why some governors and mayors have emerged as leaders of the defense instead of US President Donald Trump, who is currently unable to cope with COVID-19.

Richard Levick, chairman of the crisis response consulting firm LEVICK Strategic Communications, said in an email interview conducted with Economy Chosun. As a pioneer in crisis response communication, Levick gained fame by taking charge of risk management for big international issues such as the Catholic Catholic scandal in 2002, the global financial crisis in 2008, and the British oil company BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. He is a lawyer and currently has half of the top 100 law firms in the United States and about a third of the top 100 law firms worldwide.

In the meantime, I asked him about the current status of Corona19 leadership, who advised crisis leaders to numerous global leaders. The first sentence of his reply was a modification of Aristotle’s proposition “Nature abhors a vacuum” in his book Natural Science. Just as nature does not leave the space empty and fills it with any material right now, crisis also means to fill the leadership gap with another leadership.

With Corona 19,’a great transformation of leadership’ is taking place. At the time populism spread around the world, an important turning point in world political history came. In the six-page response, President Lebig pointed out the lack of leadership of the Trump government. “The United States has faced an ontological crisis since the nation 250 years ago,” he said. “It is difficult to imagine a government that is not prepared and responds inefficiently, like the Trump administration.” President Trump’s approval rating, released by Gallup on April 19 (local time), fell 6 percentage points in a month and fell to the lowest level since taking office.

The United States has the largest number of corona19 diagnoses and deaths in the world. The leadership of the Trump government is on the test.

“The United States faced an ontological crisis in history, the early Great Depression, in the late 1850s, prior to the Civil War, shortly after the assassination of former President Abraham Lincoln. Corona 19 is the fourth moment. For the first time, governments are prepared to respond poorly and inefficiently. There are no wide-area diagnoses or clear facts.”

In a briefing on April 23, President Trump met the public opinion by saying, “Let’s consider how to give the patient ultraviolet rays and strong sun or inject disinfectants.” The alternative he chose was not a hole-making method, but an unsettled measure to change the phase. “I think China could have stopped Corona 19 before it spread to the world,” said Trump, who appeared three days later. “We are doing a serious investigation (about China). There are many ways to hold them accountable. “I said.

President Trump continues the ‘tweet politics’ against medical expert advice. On April 17, he supported a demonstration against the right-wing supporters to lift their home. “Freedom of Virginia!” “Freedom of Michigan!” “Freedom of Minnesota!” tweeted, all aimed at a static Democratic Governor. In recent years, protesters in Minnesota were called “good people.”

It is also observed that populism that has spread worldwide has reached its limits. Leaders fail to present a philosophy based on professionalism and are only looking at the public.

“For nearly 50 years, I have been involved in politics at the military, state, federal, and international levels. I can’t recall the time when the leader fell into Followers as it is now. The leader was unable to bring the sacrifices of the community (to overcome the crisis). In the state of Florida and Michigan, real leadership is being challenged by populism, as protesters organized on a national scale are pressing elected officials not to follow medical knowledge, without attacking experts. Respect is an age of criticism, but history is not about what is popular , but what we do in times of crisis .”

In a crisis, public opinion is easily divided.

“In a crisis, there is a problem if we do not take the common sacrifice. Through World War II and the Great Depression, we have experienced sacrifices for decades. Democracy and capitalism are voluntary systems. The reason we stop at the stop sign is It’s not because police officers think they’re watching from every corner, but because they believe a common sacrifice will follow for a well-ordered society, and abandoning faith in this system will increase anarchists, such as President Trump’s election and the rise of populism. even social bird pandemic (in the polls pandemic · the infectious disease outbreak), overcoming party despite the desire of the people motivation write the sacrifice is slowly revealed. clarity, consistency, and the overwhelming support for the politician claimed the health professionals working with the eyes The polls show the public’s desire to return to traditional leadership, but it would not be easy to change the regime, with the voice of minority powers overwhelming.”

Is there leadership that emerges as an alternative?

“Crisis does not tolerate vacuum. The gap in leadership lowers the need for political power. That’s why governors, mayors, and other health officials and entrepreneurs rush to fill the gap.” The Governor and the mayor who responded proficiently to it responded with a 30 percent higher approval rating than President Trump.”

Chairman Levick currently cited transparency, clear direction, recognition of weakness, authenticity, and cognition as a characteristic of a leader who is proficient in crisis management. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Democratic Party) communicates with citizens as he conducts fact-based briefings on a daily basis. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (Republican), Governor Mike Dwain (Republican) Ohio, and California Governor Gavin Newsum (Democratic Party) took proactive measures, including restrictions on movement and aggressive diagnosis, according to the opinions of medical experts. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly (Democratic Party) was the first Governor to decide to shut down the school over the next year, and he adhered to the guidelines of sharp criticism from Republicans.

The fate of populism after the pandemic.

“It’s a really unknown world. What if the second and third viruses spread? We are living in an era where epistemology has been reversed. We collect facts and take the time to go through the opposite process without drawing conclusions. Those who deny the position of government and experts will opt for favorable information from the pandemic to support anarchism, and those who believe in common sacrifice and solidarity will also screen for evidence. In the end, an orderly society will have ‘fairness’ and ‘abundance.’ Depends on ‘selfishness’ and ‘anger’, the more people fear the dark future, the more the leadership faces crisis. When people recognize’ the present better than the past’, society becomes stable. Discover and optimize the instrument. Hope will give people the best gift.” Read more

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