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Insider Tips on Managing Bad Press

In Business Insider, Richard Levick explains the importance of moving swiftly to make C-Suite decisions when crises arise…

PR crisis experts open their playbooks on how to manage scandal and squash bad press

“The biggest mistake that most leaders make in a crisis is they do nothing because they’re waiting for more information,” said Richard Levick, the eponymous chairman and CEO of the consultancy Levick. “They’re waiting for certainty. You’re not going to get that so, absolutely, you need to trust your team.”

You can’t predict every way that things might go awry.

“But smart companies and organizations should conduct a vulnerability study to identify issues where they could be most likely to occur,” Walsh said.

They should have a “break-glass plan” in place, with operational and communications components, that can be immediately put into action, he said.

Industries should keep tabs on when the conversation in the media is changing and use that intelligence to inform a strategy — before a crisis hits, Levick told Insider.

“Use your peacetime wisely,” he said.

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