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Crisis Review: the Top 21 Crises of 2022

Richard Levick was featured in Provoke Media‘s Crisis Review: the Top 21 Crises of 2022, sharing his thoughts on Twitter, Tesla and Elon Musk.

Richard Levick, CEO of Washington, DC, strategic communications firm Levick, adds: “It has become chaos. Who buys into chaos? It’s another example of something not very well thought out, and that’s what happens when you rush. Musk has been known as a trusted visionary and magician — he can’t lose that moniker and that’s what’s at risk right now.”

Speaking to this publication, Levick suggested several lessons from the Twitter-Tesla-Musk crises of the past 12 months, including the danger of making the CEO the brand (“When it is someone as mercurial as Elon Musk, the risk is guaranteed. He is no Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Indra Nooyi.”) and the danger of over-promising and under-delivering: “The reality is less captivating than the promise… Twitter is imploding, Tesla’s stock and brand value are dropping drastically…. Fairy dust has an expiration date.”

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