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Corporate Leadership in an Age of Unrest

Popular Information, the two person daily news service which has been driving the national news stories about corporation political donations and their stance on social issues, lead their issue Monday with Richard Levick’s rules for corporate leaders grappling with social issues.

The latest edition of Chief Executive Magazine, an industry publication that reaches 95% of CEOs in the United States, warns corporate leaders that they now “own the consequences” of their political activity — in part because of the reporting in this newsletter:

Popular Information – with their two-person staff – has been doing such a remarkable job tracing the issue of corporate PAC funding since before January 6th that the traditional media follows them.

The author says recent reporting in Popular Information and elsewhere underscores that corporations should treat “protecting democracy and Civil Rights” as “sacred.”

We are just getting started. In a few days, new FEC filings will reveal which corporations are living up their pledges to suspend donations to Congressional Republicans who voted to overturn the election. We will be sifting through that mountain of data to bring you the facts…

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