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Welcome to Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a blog about the legal, business, and political issues that impact companies and countries.

What are NGOs doing that might affect your brand? What new legal decisions have consequences for your company? What are the trends in regulatory areas such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or cyber security that will soon enough become challenges to you? How do public discussions become social movements? Why and how do fracking, the Keystone pipeline, GMOs, offshore oil rigs, become major controversies and what essential lessons can we draw?

There are always “tells”—moments when we can see in advance what is going to happen next. Adversaries harden their positions quickly enough. When we don’t act early, it becomes all the more difficult—and expensive—to overcome the opposition. We risk market share, brand loyalty, significant alliances, and legal exposure.

Tomorrow is the canary in the coal mine. It is designed to help you read the tea leaves today in order to plan effectively for tomorrow.

Welcome to the world of “What’s Next.” It’s always better to read Tomorrow and plan than to need the Wayback Machine in the future, while muttering, “If only we had done…”

This is your early warning system. Seize the day.

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