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In Tribute: Sanford (“Sandy”) M. Saunders, Jr.

There are some lawyers who counsel businesses; there are some business executives who are also lawyers, but few who are both, able to provide the kind of counsel that allows businesses to steer clear of the shoals and maximize opportunities. That was Sandy Saunder. Fewer still who had a heart of gold and a laugh that could see humor in any situation and make you feel love at all times. Over the holiday we lost a very good man, Sandy Saunders, who died far too young in his sleep at 59.

Sandy was one of LEVICK’s lawyers for many years, treating us as he did everyone—as first among equals. Brilliant yet constantly humble in a town known for neither, he mastered situations through calm and brilliance. Were I not 60, I would say that Sandy is who I want to grow up as.

Sometimes in meetings, I would watch him, just to record how he deftly handled a situation so that I could “watch and learn.” One never tired of learning from Sandy.

We get to an age where goodbyes become part of our rite of passage, but this is a goodbye I will regret for a long, long time. For those of you who never knew Sandy, you are lesser for it. For those who did, we have an advantage, for we have seen a slice of heaven. We are, of course, lesser for it too, for we shall not know the likes of him for a very long time.

Rest in peace, my dear friend. You were a dragon slayer.

In Memory of Sanford M. Saunders, Jr. (August 28, 1958 – December 31, 2017). For Sandy’s complete obituary, please click here.

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