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The Politics Industry

On March 17, law firm Mehlman & Castagnetti will host a conversation with two of the leading experts on reforming U.S. politics, former CEO & bestselling author Katherine Gehl and Kansas businessman & entrepreneur Greg Orman.

Katherine Gehl is former CEO of a multinational food business & author of 2020 bestseller “The Politics Industry,” in partnership with Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter  Here’s Katherine’s TED talk on the topic.   Greg Orman is a Kansas businessman, entrepreneur, & leading voice in the U.S. political independent movement, running as an independent for Senate (2014) & Governor (2018).  Here’s his speech to the Center for Global Humanities on “How Independents Can End Hyper-Partisanship and Restore Democracy.”

We will discuss:

  • What’s wrong with 21stcentury political competition and how it got this way
  • What election reforms could restore healthier competition to our political processes
  • Why 3rd Parties have mostly failed in the U.S., and what could transform that
  • Which reforms offer the greatest opportunities for fixing our politics
  • What average citizens can do to support reform

** We will send copies of Katherine’s new book to the first 50 people who email [email protected] to request it (include your snail mailing address).

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