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CASE STUDY INDUSTRIES Government Investigations In January 2014 the al Qaeda-linked terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped 256 schoolgirls from northern Nigeria as part of its

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Perdue’s Big Digital Win

CASE STUDY INDUSTRIES Restaurants There is a long-standing battle between the concept of family farms and agribusiness—even the names alone convey conclusions. One is perceived

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Loving The Muffins

CASE STUDY INDUSTRIES Restaurants When politicians make necessary concessions to businesses, the businesses share the risk of public disapproval. For one restaurant industry leader, the

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GAO Protest

CASE STUDY INDUSTRIES Labor When government contractors find themselves on the wrong end of an inequitable procurement process, a multifront response is often needed, involving

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Special Olympics

CASE STUDY INDUSTRIES Diversity and Inclusion Guilt by association is an existential risk that can undermine the missions of the most dedicated institutions. Faced with

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Noose In The Workplace

CASE STUDY INDUSTRIES Diversity and Inclusion Pay and gender discrimination class actions like Wal-Mart v. Dukes garner front-page headlines even as historic claims of race

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