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The Threat to Free Markets

I’ve never been much of a libertarian. I couldn’t finish Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and remember college arguments over The Fountainhead. Yet here I am, four decades later and I sit on two business school think tank boards on free enterprise (one at Maryland, one at Wake Forest). Today, I find many of the arguments far more compelling – and more realistic – than Ms. Rand’s version. I’ve had the great pleasure on both boards of working with John Allison, the former CEO and President of the Cato Institute and, for nearly a quarter century, a senior executive at BB&T, including serving as its CEO. He joins me on the In House Warrior podcast for the Corporate Counsel Business Journal for a fascinating conversation about when and how government should intervene and the long- and short-term costs. I’m still no libertarian, but there are unintended consequences and hidden costs to government involvement, and they need to be explored. Join us for a great conversation.


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