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Timothy Gay

Senior Strategist

Writer/editor, Pulitzer-nominated World War II author, public affairs, Congress, energy and environment policy, foreign and national security policy, more

Timothy Gay brings the power of the written and spoken word to mold public affairs campaigns throughout the world. His deep experience includes years on Capitol Hill, as a key staff member at public affairs and public relations agencies. Mr. Gay’s areas of expertise range widely, including a particular focus on energy, environment and technology policy. As an op-ed and speechwriter, he has driven countless thought leadership campaigns. Mr. Gay has also distinguished himself as an award-winning author on multiple other subjects, from military history to baseball.


For six years, Mr. Gay was Senior Vice President at Grayling and its predecessor firms, Dutko Grayling and Dutko Communications Services. It was at Grayling that he developed his specialty in energy, environment issues and technology policy. Prior to that, he compiled fifteen years of experience, including Powell Tate where he worked from the day that storied agency opened to the day it closed nine years later.

Mr. Gay spent nearly a decade as a congressional press secretary, most recently for now-retired Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and earlier for Representative (now Senator) Tom Carper (D-DE), currently a senior Democrat on the Environment and Public Works Committee.

His books on American cultural history include: Assignment to Hell, a book on five great U.S. WW II correspondents, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in history; Savage Will, a real-life WW II escape adventure that is being considered as a Hollywood movie project; a biography of baseball great Tris Speaker, which was a finalist for the baseball history community’s two most prestigious awards; and a history of interracial baseball before the big leagues integrated, which won the 2010 Sporting News-SABR Book of the Year.

Mr. Gay was featured on camera on PBS’s History Detectives and in a November 2013 PBS documentary commemorating the 50th anniversary of Walter Cronkite’s coverage of John Kennedy’s assassination. He contributed to a documentary on Lyndon Johnson and civil rights that will air later this year on both PBS and the BBC.