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Shanna Wilson

Vice President

Healthcare and Health Policy, Brand Strategy, Cyber Security, Crisis Management, Commercial Development, International Affairs and Foreign Policy

Shanna Wilson is a communications expert with fifteen years leading corporate and strategic communications campaigns across public, private and non-profit sectors for clients in healthcare, commercial development, publishing, law and foreign affairs industries.

She has successfully developed campaigns that elevate client visibility, reputation and trust among stakeholder audiences through a combination of earned media, custom content, and multi-city speaking engagements partnering with organizations including the State Department, Council on Foreign Relations, the North Face, National Geographic, museums, libraries, universities, and more.

She has counseled clients in the healthcare, data analytics, consumer, business-to-government and non-profit space on cyber security incidents and their reputational risks and managed client communications following corporate mergers, acquisitions, market expansion and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Prior to joining Levick, Wilson was VP of a communications firm in Washington DC, where she advised clients facing reputational risk and crisis in the federal government, managed a high-profile media crisis involving a major public transportation network, managed communications for a financial client surrounding Paycheck Protection Program loans at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and handled public relations efforts for a trademark dispute with a national sports team. Her work with clients has appeared in CNN, Foreign Affairs, the Washington Post, the New York Times, CBS Evening News, Elle Canada, U.S. News & World Report, Reuters, and other publications.

She spent eight years in the publishing industry developing marketing and publicity campaigns for non-fiction authors and science experts in the conservation and climate, environmental, architecture, culinary, outdoor and travel space, securing media coverage across national print and broadcast outlets.

Shanna was a contributing writer for the Washington Independent Review of Books where she interviewed high-profile writers covering socioeconomics, housing policy, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She served as an Account Director for the Taproot Foundation bridging experts across marketing and creative fields with non-profits in need,