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James Hunt

James Hunt

Strategic Partner

James is a highly experienced consultant, with a richly diverse, senior-level consulting and management background built over more than 30 years of business experience. He offers senior-level strategic communications counselling and advice, as well as facilitation and strategic review services.

  • A 30-year career in strategic communications and political consulting, advising some of the largest corporate and brand names on the planet, as well as Nation-State Governments facing globally relevant crises and Global/European level trade associations
  • Managing and coaching in-house and agency teams, and 17 years in running his own award-winning agency
  • Deep Board-level advisory experience across strategy formation and communication, corporate reputation, M&A communications, internal communications and management alignment, and crisis and issues management.
  • In addition, a track record of delivering successful strategic analysis, management alignment programmes and facilitated workshops for Corporate Multinationals and Government Ministries.

Career highlights include:

  • Advising several major multinationals (chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals) to ensure physical rebranding becomes meaningful corporate repositioning
  • Helping two major global oil and gas multinationals refocus their corporate positioning during a period of changing attitude towards fossil fuels
  • Conducting a global crisis management review for a top 3 energy production company
  • Devising and implementing a 6-country political lobbying and communications campaign for one of the world’s leading vaping brands, and contributing to game-changing repositioning in a company previously focused only on tobacco
  • Managing cross-spectrum communications for the acquisition of the UK’s leading paints company by a Dutch leader, the UK’s leading chocolate brand by a global multinational, and a major cross-border pharmaceutical merger facing major cultural challenges
  • Advising the European auto industry on managing emissions issues, the food industry on being ‘new tobacco’ and the oil industry on the reality of the climate conversation


And with Governments:

  • Managing the global media and communications strategy for a Caucasian country at war
  • Advising two Balkan Governments on relations with the EU and NATO
  • Working with a Scandinavian Government to counter disinformation
  • Advising a Southern African country on economic diversification strategies


A truly international consultant, James has worked in and with teams from more than 80 countries around the world and is fluent in French.