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Doug Wojcieszak

Senior Strategist

Advocacy, public relations, crisis communications, content development

Doug Wojcieszak is a veteran advocate and public relations and crisis communications expert who has specialized in disclosure and apology advocacy, training, and consulting in the healthcare industry. He has extensive advocacy experience at the regional and federal level and within professional associations and the healthcare industry, and Doug has traveled the country teaching disclosure and apology to healthcare, insurance, and legal professionals. He has taught countless physicians and nurses how to have the most difficult conversations with consumers and ethically own mistakes in a fashion that serves all stakeholders (including clinical staff, hospital, insurer, etc).

Doug has built his non-profit, Sorry Works, into the name brand of the disclosure movement. He is credited with making disclosure and apology, which was a controversial, under-appreciated concept in the world of medical malpractice, into the ethically expected norm within healthcare, insurance and legal circles.

Doug excels at all phases of advocacy, public relations, crisis communications, and content development, and is an extraordinarily persistent individual who solves problems and gets things done. Moreover, he understands how issues play in the media and public eye, and looks forward to sharing his expertise and experiences with a broad base of clients.