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Reputation on trial. The Court of Public Opinion does not follow the same rules of procedure as courts of law. Perceptions do not wait for closing arguments. The marketplace does not wait for jury verdicts. “No comment” seldom works when the world wants assurance, clarity, and resolution.


Jason Maloni
Senior Vice President

What We Do 

The intersection of law, media, and politics. We are lawyers, former Justice Department officials, national security professionals, trained investigators, news reporters, and communications experts. We have the unique ability to connect case facts with legal or policy arguments that inform and persuade the audiences needed to achieve desired outcomes. 

The Law. We integrate seamlessly with our clients’ legal teams to protect brand equity. Many of LEVICK’s counselors can maintain attorney-client privilege through active, separate, legal practices. The best approach for managing risk is to assess facts and develop a strategy, with the benefit of attorney-client privilege, to contain adversaries and frame the debate.

The Media. We develop precise communications strategies for the pre-trial period and during the trial phase, as well as during the critical weeks after a verdict is delivered. We engage audiences and achieve mission-critical goals—always with a careful eye to what is appropriate for public dissemination during litigation. Our approach, integrated with digital communications, shapes the conversations that take place everywhere—from the kitchen tables of consumers, to millions of mobile devices, to the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Politics. We have first-hand experience in the interplay of politics and policy-making. Led by former Members of Congress, veteran lobbyists and former executive branch officials, our bipartisan government relations specialists have the policy expertise and political acumen needed to successfully navigate through the halls of power on the local, state, national, and international levels.

The Facts. Properly executed investigations can often have a decisive impact on your legal aims. LEVICK is the only communications firm that has in-house investigative services. Led by veterans of the U.S. National Security Council and Department of Justice, our trained investigative staff has the collection and analysis capabilities necessary to provide insights in support of expert witness testimony, fact/witness background, and deposition-related research designed to support specific legal goals as well as help drive the communications strategy.

Just a few of our specialized areas are:


The issues can be as complex as the stakes are enormous. The party that communicates its position most effectively will have a decisive advantage among the public stakeholders who matter the most.


Civil and Criminal Investigations

The threat of an investigation by a federal or state organization charged with enforcement authority can make for tremendously negative headlines. You need a response that will neutralize or ward off threats of criminal prosecution or expensive civil penalties. Having a corporate communications protocol in the midst of an investigative crisis is essential to keeping your side of the story in the public sphere.

Courtroom Support

Sometimes there are cameras in court, sometimes not, but every moment is public and potentially decisive. The unanticipated developments, good and bad, must be managed immediately.


High-Profile and High-Net-Worth Individuals

High profile and high-net-worth individuals must do more than survive the public crucible of pre-trial, trial, and post-trial publicity. The battle goes further – to rebuild their reputations and careers, sometimes even before a final verdict is delivered.


Litigation Intelligence Support

Corporate litigation is never cut and dry. Unknown actors operate under purposefully shrouded agendas. ’Expert‘ testimony is tainted by hidden biases. All too often, plaintiffs’ motives remain a mystery until it is too late for any revelation to tangibly impact the courtroom or public opinion. We find the vulnerabilities that can be exploited in the opposition’s strategy. 


Multi-District Litigation

Assume that your adversaries are the smartest, most publicly aggressive plaintiff’s lawyers that money can buy. Their next move must be anticipated; their next message must be countered. Survival itself may be at stake.


Privacy & Cyber Security

When security is compromised and card data, patient records, or other personally identifiable information is exposed, more than your network integrity is in question. Regulators, plaintiffs’ lawyers, employees, and shareholders all want answers. Public disclosure is a minefield we have successfully navigated in more than one hundred incidents by changing the story about vulnerability and victimization to a narrative highlighting enhanced levels of security, responsibility, and commitment to personal privacy. 


Regulatory Inquiries

The sanctioning power of a regulatory agency has the potential to imperil corporate reputations at all stages of a regulatory event—even if a publicly disclosed inquiry does not lead to a negative outcome, such as a fine or a public rebuke. Companies must act by initiating protective actions before any public disclosures of a probe are made.



When the issue is taken to the Supreme Court of the United States, the communications wars rage on during deliberation and long after it renders final judgment. Your public message is critical at every stage. 


Settlement Negotiations

The other side is watching as the dispute takes shape in the Court of Public Opinion. The best communications strategy weakens the opposition’s position, shakes the opposition’s confidence, and encourages the most favorable resolution.


Sports & Entertainment

Whether it is Congress examining college sports for antitrust violations, leagues sorting out revenue from mega broadcasting deals, or taxpayer funded stadium construction, disputes like these are not resolved by instant replay. When the world is watching, you need a partner who knows how to address these complex issues with integrated solutions.


White Collar

Prosecutors are public officials. Their actions and decisions are therefore influenced by public opinion, sometimes decisively. The companies and individuals that are ready to respond to each case development, beginning the moment an investigation is launched, are the ones that maximize their influence.

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The Team

Senior Vice President, Head of Litigation
Senior Vice President, Head of Litigation

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