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Financial Communications

Solve problems short-term. As activists mount campaigns, reporters probe for details, or regulators scrutinize every pronouncement, time is a crucial factor. A single news item can change the game in a digital heartbeat.
Articulate value long-term. Judgment and market savvy drive business strategies in all kinds of economic weather. To build investor confidence and communicate trust, the message must be compelling, consistent, and resolutely implemented.

Financial Communications
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John Lovallo, Senior Vice President

What We Do 

We know what's coming next because we've seen it before. We know the challenges that are in store. We also know the immense rewards that lie ahead. 

We communicate trust, confidence, and value when nothing less will do. We know what analysts, regulators, and investors must hear and believe. We prepare our clients for every high-impact eventuality. We know your future depends on shrewd, sober decision-making in a market that waits for no one.

Our financial communications clients include:

  • Financial advisors
  • Financial services firms
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Investment firms
  • Tax attorneys
  • Financial consultants
  • Financial analysts
  • Private equity firms
  • Venture capital firms
  • Stock exchanges

Just a few of our specialized areas are:

Comprehensive Corporate Communications

Long-term communications campaigns decisively influence the perceptions of industry stakeholders, customers, institutional investors, credit rating agencies, buy- and sell-side analysts, and proxy services. Channel communications with the full range of your business partners – from suppliers to distributors to retailers – strengthen collaborations and encourage new opportunities for business growth.

Contact John Lovallo for more information.


Investor Relations

Companies must communicate effectively with Wall Street in the day-to-day effort to maximize market value, reduce the cost of capital, and underscore management’s credibility and competence. Amid public distrust and the unremitting demand for transparency and accountability, companies and organizations must clearly and consistently articulate their messages to investors and analysts. Failure to do so can take current management out of the driver’s seat. 

Contact John Lovallo for more information.



It is the do-or-die moment that can catapult the company to unprecedented growth or seal its doom in a single fateful trading day. As failure to successfully complete the initial public offering is simply not an option, effective strategic communications are mission-critical. LEVICK’s financial communications professionals chart a safe course for fledgling public companies through all the attendant perils, before, during, and in the aftermath of the IPO. 

Contact Kathleen Wailes for more information.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether the company is on the buying or selling side, it must control the public narrative and convince the marketplace that value is being maximized and that a new corporate entity will generate ever-greater benefits for all stakeholders. LEVICK has succeeded in multi-billion dollar deals with communications strategies that account for every variable, anticipate opposition, and master the media and digital airwaves where perceptions form and harden. 


Proxy Contests & Advisory Issues

Activist investors grow more aggressive by the day as undervalued companies provide tempting targets for takeover by proxy fight. Powerful proxy advisory firms sway institutional investors to vote against management on make-or-break issues. LEVICK works with companies and boards to minimize the onslaught; to respond to activist attacks; and to communicate effectively to all investors at these critical moments.

Contact Kathleen Wailes for more information.


Regulatory Inquiries

The sanctioning power of a regulatory agency has the potential to imperil corporate reputations at all stages of a regulatory event—even if a publicly disclosed inquiry does not lead to a negative outcome, such as a fine or a public rebuke. Companies must act by initiating protective actions before any public disclosures of a probe are made.


Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Well-handled and effectively communicated, a restructuring or bankruptcy represents a new beginning for companies that can either buy the time to recover market share or begin life anew as a reconstituted entity with the full confidence of its stakeholders. 

Contact John Lovallo for more information.


White Collar

Prosecutors are public officials. Their actions and decisions are therefore influenced by public opinion, sometimes decisively. The companies and individuals that are ready to respond to each case development, beginning the moment an investigation is launched, are the ones that maximize their influence.

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