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When it comes to crisis management and crisis communications, every second counts. Stakeholders are demanding new levels of transparency and accountability. Every company is or will be in crisis. Those that answer the call transform a PR crisis into an opportunity. Those that don’t, risk everything.

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Ernest Delbuono, Senior Vice President

What We Do 

We go anywhere in the world at any time to protect our clients. We know what's coming next – and work hand-in-glove with your team to preserve reputation and brand equity against all foreseeable threats.

We're there at your moment of truth. When lives are at risk. When liberty is at stake. When the future of your business is in jeopardy.

Our crisis management services include:

Crisis Preparedness/Crisis Readiness 

Preparing for a crisis is the most important part of any crisis response plan. Whether you’re a major corporation or a high-profile individual, it pays to think three steps ahead. Our crisis planning services include:

  • Risk assessments
  • Crisis communications strategy development
  • Crisis plans
  • Crisis response manuals
  • Crisis management training and simulations
  • Media training

Crisis Response

When a PR crisis springs up, the fallout can be swift and merciless. Our 24/7 crisis response team gives you full-scale tactical and strategic support for communicating during a crisis. Services include:

  • 24/7/365 rapid-response crisis management team
  • Comprehensive response training
  • Message development (statements, press releases, articles and more)
  • Media relations
  • Social media management
  • Online monitoring
  • Third-party ally development
  • Crisis response “War Room”
  • Online reputation management

Post-Crisis Recovery

  • Impact assessment
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Change management
  • Reputation repair and restoration

Crises can hit in any company or country. Just a few of our specialized areas are:


There can be no greater crisis of confidence. Public concerns about food safety can lead to widespread panic, harsh action by regulators, and a devastating, often unfair, evisceration of a company’s brand and reputation. Crisis management should therefore be ingrained in the very DNA of a company. Action must be immediate and credible, online and off, to preserve public trust and provide unequivocal assurance that the problem has been permanently solved.

Contact Megan Gabriel for more information about food industry crisis PR.


Labor & Employment

Downsizing. Discrimination allegations. Battles against well-funded and media-savvy labor unions. All of the above play out on the public stage – and each demands that employers articulate compelling messages to internal and external audiences.



Nation States

The communications challenges encompass more than elections. The whole world is watching how nations manage internal crises, institute policies, and correct abuses. At stake are untold amounts of international investment and the myriad of benefits that global trust will bring.    



Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

From recalls to rising prices, from litigation to the FDA approval process, the reputational challenges confronting the industry are numerous, perilous, and demand strategies that inspire the confidence of consumers, doctors, and regulators. 


Privacy & Cyber Security

When security is compromised and card data, patient records, or other personally identifiable information is exposed, more than your network integrity is in question. Regulators, plaintiffs’ lawyers, employees, and shareholders all want answers. Public disclosure is a minefield we have successfully navigated in more than one hundred incidents by changing the story about vulnerability and victimization to a narrative highlighting enhanced levels of security, responsibility, and commitment to personal privacy. 



Recall communications demand a multifaceted strategy. Public safety concerns, unprecedented regulatory scrutiny, and the recall logistics must be managed flawlessly with communications that speak to each audience with one consistent voice. We have succeeded for clients in the highest-profile recalls of the past decade. 

Contact Megan Gabriel for more information about product recall crisis PR.


Sports & Entertainment

Whether it is Congress examining college sports for antitrust violations, leagues sorting out revenue from mega broadcasting deals, or taxpayer funded stadium construction, disputes like these are not resolved by instant replay. When the world is watching, you need a partner who knows how to address these complex issues with integrated solutions.


White Collar

Prosecutors are public officials. Their actions and decisions are therefore influenced by public opinion, sometimes decisively. The companies and individuals that are ready to respond to each case development, beginning the moment an investigation is launched, are the ones that maximize their influence.

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