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Corporate & Reputation

Protect your most precious asset. Never before has corporate reputation been more of a tangible asset. In a digital age when attacks go viral in minutes and create a long-lasting negative impact, reputational equity is hard to win and harder to keep. Those that meet the challenge head-on enhance stock value and revenue, while empowering themselves to effectively counter the challenges mounted by activists, regulators, and the plaintiffs’ bar.

Corporate & Reputation
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John Lovallo, Senior Vice President

What We Do 

We build, rebuild, and enhance brand equity. We do it worldwide — often for corporations ensnared in high-profile controversy – and we do it with a sense of mission fired by the urgency of now. We speak narrowly to specific stakeholders. We speak broadly to mass audiences. We communicate as if the whole world is watching because the whole world is indeed watching.

Just a few of our specialized areas are:

Community Engagement

The mission is to engage business, public officials, and community leaders in strategic collaborations. The rewards are stronger workforces; trusting relationships that ensure support in the event of a future crisis; and political ties to help advance public policy goals.


Comprehensive Corporate Communications

Long-term communications campaigns decisively influence the perceptions of industry stakeholders, customers, institutional investors, credit rating agencies, buy- and sell-side analysts, and proxy services. Channel communications with the full range of your business partners – from suppliers to distributors to retailers – strengthen collaborations and encourage new opportunities for business growth.

Contact John Lovallo for more information.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Philanthropic initiatives are quintessential expressions of corporate purpose and culture. Companies assume leadership roles as they address the key issues that surround their industries – becoming unmistakably part of the solution to the problems facing their industries and communities.


Foreign Companies in the United States

Foreign-based companies must often overcome public resistance and xenophobia if they are to build – and hire – in the U.S. LEVICK prepares executives for appearances before Congress and we guide them through matters pertaining to The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

Contact Gene Grabowski for more information.


Internal Communications

Compelling workplace communications ensure the ongoing commitment and morale of personnel at every level of operations, forging the strongest mutual sense of common mission in good times or bad.

Contact Melissa Arnoff for more information.


Regulatory Inquiries

The sanctioning power of a regulatory agency has the potential to imperil corporate reputations at all stages of a regulatory event—even if a publicly disclosed inquiry does not lead to a negative outcome, such as a fine or a public rebuke. Companies must act by initiating protective actions before any public disclosures of a probe are made.


The NGO Challenge

Non-Governmental Organizations attack in multiple areas and in multiple ways. Yet companies can minimize the impact of NGOs, from environmental and product liability issues to capital markets and labor issues. And, there are ways to work with NGOS whenever relationships can be established and greater trust ensured.

Contact Dan Rene for more information.

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