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Business Intelligence

What We Do 

LEVICK’s Business Intelligence Practice obtains, analyzes, and reports actionable information that is essential to the decision-making process. Led by professionals with national security, law enforcement, and international affairs experience, it brings decades of investigatory experience and a global network of local assets to provide the insights that no amount of public opinion research, statistical modeling, or quantitative benchmarking can offer. Our capabilities enable LEVICK to dig deep and uncover the objective, relevant, timely, and contextualized information that supports sound strategy.

Whatever the industry, wherever the geography, we help clients understand the full scope of a situation before they make the critical go/no-go decisions that hold success in the balance. Our diverse array of specialized services includes:

Adversary Identification

The parties applying pressure are not always who they appear to be. Short-sellers masquerade as activist investors seeking to optimize shareholder value. Social activism can be a front for attacks that further a competitor’s or other adversaries’ agenda. One-sided media reports are shaped by hidden interests that remain safely behind the scenes. We identify who the attackers really are, map out their motivations, assess the resources at their disposal and employ historical context to predict their next moves and plan potential responses.


Anti-Corruption (FCPA) Compliance

Recent upticks in enforcement of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act, and a host of other anti-corruption measures around the world dictate a need for companies to carefully vet the agents they utilize to facilitate sales abroad. We identify the red flags that could lead to problems down the road – and provide companies with a strong fallback position, rooted in appropriate due diligence, should allegations arise.


Investigations of Corporate Espionage, Fraud, and Internal Conflicts

As corporate and organizational structures grow larger and more complex, so too does the “insider threat.” At the same time, success creates incentives for external adversaries to resort to desperate actions. In instances of corporate espionage, fraud, or other perceived malfeasance, we combine experience and objectivity with a rapid-response capability to ensure that a problem is neutralized and remediated as quickly as possible. Our initial efforts to identify what has occurred and who was involved give clients options to consider before assuming that what they first see tells the entire story.


Investigative Due Diligence

Prior to a merger, acquisition, partnership or other significant transaction, companies need more than deep background on a target company’s reputation, investors, and key leadership. We seek out hidden liabilities, provide political context, outline potential regulatory entanglements, and paint a comprehensive picture of all potential threats that might derail the deal. Beyond documentary information, we provide clients with vital context that others may not have.


Litigation Intelligence Support

Corporate litigation is never cut and dry. Unknown actors operate under purposefully shrouded agendas. ’Expert‘ testimony is tainted by hidden biases. All too often, plaintiffs’ motives remain a mystery until it is too late for any revelation to tangibly impact the courtroom or public opinion. We find the vulnerabilities that can be exploited in the opposition’s strategy. 


Red Team Testing & Contingency Planning

From employee safety to data security to defense against competitor penetration, companies face myriad threats to their people, projects, and prospects for success. To ensure that every potential vulnerability is adequately protected, we test client defenses against all anticipated risks, recommend enhancements wherever they might be needed, and develop action plans to be employed should a worst-case scenario materialize. By understanding their adversaries, our clients can anticipate and avoid the most likely paths by which they might be attacked.


Rolling Intelligence Programs

Companies that are particularly vulnerable to political instability, social unrest, competitive innovations, and rapidly changing regulatory prerogatives require ongoing monitoring capabilities to protect their investments and operations. We track developments in real time, across all relevant industries and geographies, to ensure that our clients receive the earliest possible warning when events threaten the prospect of continued success. Our local resources have insight from years of experience on the ground and can operate without profile to ensure clients are aware of developments as soon as they occur.

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