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Business Diplomacy

A barricaded door. It’s what too many companies find when seeking to invest overseas. Outdated trade restrictions at home keep groundbreaking products and services out of lucrative markets. Protectionist policies abroad prevent open competition. Geopolitical conflicts close some markets altogether. Where opportunities do exist, cultural and language barriers often hinder a brand’s ability to forge genuine customer relationships online and off.
Throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America, international corporations and aspiring multinationals find myriad regulatory and societal hurdles standing in the way of true globalization. To open doors and mitigate the risks that lie beyond, companies now need their own brand of foreign policy – and the skilled diplomacy that can set it in motion.

What We Do 

LEVICK’S Business Diplomacy team helps U.S. and multinational companies anticipate and manage the political, commercial, financial, and cultural issues that exist in every new or developing market. We work with policy makers to ease burdensome and anti-competitive rules and regulations. We map and navigate the risks posed by corruption and political instability. We familiarize local populations and businesses with brands that can help them meet their goals. And we do it all with a consistent focus on the economic and societal benefits shared by all.

Led by veterans of the U.S. Congress, State Department, and Diplomatic Corps – and complemented by relationships with partners around the world – our team of commercial, financial, regulatory, and brand experts works across the full spectrum of industries and geographies to help clients enter new markets with confidence. From the point of entry through successive opportunities and challenges, LEVICK helps make even the most distant market feel like home.

LEVICK’s Business Diplomacy provides an array of benefits, including:

Base-Line Risk Assessment

Base-Line Risk Assessments remove surprise from the equation and provide a comprehensive picture of the business, financial, regulatory, and political landscape.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence that uncovers the hidden threats and opportunities known only to those on the ground – via cutting-edge practices and unparalleled reach that puts nuanced, real-time information to practical use.

Corporate Counsel Collaboration

Corporate Counsel Collaboration that ensures communications, legal, and regulatory strategies operate in concert to put public perception on your side during negotiations, litigation, or regulatory investigations.

In-Country Micro-Targeting

In-Country Micro-Targeting that puts your messages front and center in the local jurisdictions and geographies that matter most.

Market Entry Navigations Tools

Market Entry Navigations Tools that leverage the most authoritative data and insights to ensure a smooth introduction into new business, legal, and political environments.

Media Outreach

Media Outreach that creates valuable relationships with the most powerful journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers.


Philanthropy Guidance that ensures investments in charitable and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts deliver maximum levels of visibility, familiarity, and goodwill.

Regulatory Strategy

Regulatory Strategy that provides companies a say in how their operations are governed – and confidence in their efforts toward total compliance.


Relationship-Building that promotes positive interactions with legislators, regulators, NGOs, media, and consumer advocates. 

Third-Party Support

Third-Party Support that leverages credible, trusted, and disinterested voices in media, government, business, and academia.

The Team