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It's all about trust—your stock price, the value of your product, your reputation. Nobody knows what it takes to grow and protect trust better than LEVICK. Give us your trust and we'll strengthen it.

We offer an integrated solution informed by our deep understanding of how and why public opinion moves in a given direction, and why elected leaders and regulators either take action or devolve into gridlock. Today, advocacy that wins is advocacy that reaches decision makers, community leaders, and the highly-networked and digitally-savvy constituencies to which they are beholden.

A barricaded door. It’s what too many companies find when seeking to invest overseas. Outdated trade restrictions at home keep groundbreaking products and services out of lucrative markets. Protectionist policies abroad prevent open competition. Geopolitical conflicts close some markets altogether. Where opportunities do exist, cultural and language barriers often hinder a brand’s ability to forge genuine customer relationships online and off.

Make the right call. In the midst of litigation, major acquisitions, regulatory scrutiny, shareholder revolts, high-profile media engagements, or attacks by unknown adversaries, information is more than just power; it’s an immeasurable competitive advantage. It accurately identifies and effectively disarms a company’s adversaries. It exposes concealed hazards in new and emerging markets. It reveals oppositional agendas. Most important, it minimizes risk and maximizes opportunity for both the brand and the bottom line.

LEVICK’s consumer and business-to-business marketing teams develop integrated campaigns that raise brand awareness, and reach, engage, influence, and move people to act.

In the age of transparency, companies must manage the narrative to enhance market share and stock value, and to control their own destinies.

In today’s hyper-connected world, crises spin out of control in seconds. An activist blogger, a savvy reporter, or a smartphone-enabled citizen can change your brand’s trajectory with a single tweet. When trouble arises, you need a response that will be remembered far longer than the crisis itself.

The digital space is where brands are found, reputations are judged, and trust is built. It’s where instant and lasting impressions take shape. It’s where you establish the emotional connections that influence consumer and stakeholder decisions. With strategic insights, compelling content, and tactical expertise, LEVICK provides the keys to success on any platform that matters to your audience.

Respond to activist challenges. Promote mergers & acquisitions. Announce negative earnings. Justify divestitures. We control the public narrative to maximize your interests. We communicate value at every turn.

The intersection of law, media, and politics. We are lawyers, former Justice Department officials, national security professionals, trained investigators, news reporters, and communications experts. We have the unique ability to connect case facts with legal or policy arguments that inform and persuade the audiences needed to achieve desired outcomes.