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Product Liability

Effective product liability communications ensures that regardless of the outcome of litigation or regulatory action, your brand will emerge intact and positioned to grow. It employs digital media strategies that overpower critics and adversaries attacking you online. It reassures the public that responsible remedial action has been taken. It demonstrates collaboration with regulatory agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or the FDA, so that you win the trust of regulators and the consumers they protect.

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Product Liability

What we do

LEVICK’S Product Liability team wins the communications battle for you on every front. When Bayer MaterialScience faced exposure because a plant explosion released an obscure chemical, we calmed an anxious public even as local juries returned one favorable verdict after another. For America’s largest glass manufacturer, we helped reassure the CPSC and the public, heading off calls for further regulation of a recalled product. We prevailed in a key national debate over public nuisance actions that would have meant incalculable liability exposure for businesses throughout the United States.
For at-risk companies, product liability represents a dangerous fact of life. A plaintiffs’ bar dedicated to product liability enjoys a first-mover advantage and it has all the resources, digital and otherwise, to win a communications war unless it is challenged at the start. Our mission is to turn the advantage in your favor.
LEVICK’s product liability experts are poised to carry out a communications strategy to protect your reputation during a consumer protection dispute. We help clients facing:

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission investigations
  • Bureau of Consumer Protection complaints
  • Product recalls and recall lawsuits
  • Negative or disparaging product safety reports
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Failure to warn cases

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