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Government Investigations

With most regulator or congressional investigations, there is a strategic point at which a decision must be made. Do we fight back? Do we cooperate? Do we find some middle ground? Of course, once that strategy is determined, the subsequent challenges are no less daunting.

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What we do

LEVICK’S Government Investigations Team understands that public and media engagement must be calibrated to support the ultimate strategy, third-party supporters must be enlisted, investor and other stakeholder support locked down, and key parties to the case must be prepared to appear at public events, before Congress, and in other high-profile venues.

We win battles on all fronts. We aggressively fought the Department of Justice after it reneged on an amnesty agreement. We have helped clients and investigators that include some of the toughest state Attorneys General in the country to reach mutually acceptable agreement even amid public clamor for punitive action. We have prepared a variety of clients to testify before Congress, from vilified corporate executives to a high-profile sports figure.

We work seamlessly with outside legal and government affairs counsel. All companies know they need good counsel, and counselors, when the government serves a threat and/or a subpoena. The smart ones also know they’ll need to regain public trust once the inquiry is over. Whatever the outcome, the twin goals are to put in place strong protection and then return to business as usual as decisively as possible.

The entire LEVICK PR agency stands poised to provide a winning communication strategy during a government investigation of your business or executives:

  • Federal Communications Commission Investigations (FCC)
  • Department of Justice Investigations (DOJ)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Investigations (SEC)
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission Investigations (CFTC)
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA) Investigations
  • State Attorney General Investigations
  • State Regulatory Agency Investigations
  • Congressional Investigations/Congressional Hearings
  • Insider Trading Cases
  • Improper Trading Practices Cases
  • Misleading Disclosure Cases
  • Market Manipulation Cases
  • Misrepresentation Cases
  • Financial Fraud Cases

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