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Today, entertainment encapsulates any content consumed at movie theaters, on televisions, in stadiums, on stage, and on smartphones and tablets. It’s one of America’s fastest growing industries, greatest exports, and most treasured assets. Sports are no different. Despite the evolution of news consumption, more CEOs turn to the sports pages (real or virtual) before they turn to the business section.

Sports and entertainment companies, like any businesses, are besieged by advertising and marketing decisions, contract negotiations, licensing issues, likeness rights battles, labor actions, player safety litigation, intellectual property disputes, and countless other controversies. For universities and colleges, compliance with the myriad number of NCAA rules and regulations is a perpetual hurdle. With celebrities and top athletes, the social media era has created many opportunities, as well as many pitfalls.

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What we do

LEVICK’S Sports & Entertainment public relations team understands that it’s not just individual careers at risk. Few industries face a more aggressive, inquiring public. And few industries have more to lose when crises are handled ineffectively.

Sports and entertainment businesses and high-profile individuals must have trusted advisors able to prepare them before a scandal erupts and guide them through the crucible of public trials, congressional hearings, and insatiable media interest. Our team is battle tested and ready to go to bat for the full array of sports and entertainment individuals and entities, including:

  • Leagues
  • Professional Athletes
  • College Athletes
  • Retired Athletes
  • Professional and Amateur Coaches
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Sports Marketing Companies
  • Sports Agents
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Models
  • Singers and Songwriters
  • Authors
  • Filmmakers
  • Record studios and record labels
  • Publishers
  • Broadcasters
  • National Media
  • Clubs and Entertainment Venues

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