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Universities, high schools, and elementary schools have seen sudden and tragic emergencies that threaten the safety, health, and security of faculty, students, and staff. At the same time, institutions face a wide variety of simmering issues that, over time, metastasize into significant reputational challenges.  Virginia Tech, Penn State, Syracuse University and Rutgers – to name but a few – have all recently confronted brand damaging events and personnel issues. As we’ve learned from their diverse responses, each instance is a leadership opportunity that can either enhance or irreparably damage a reputation in matter of days, hours, and even minutes.

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What we do

LEVICK’S Schools team protects such institutions under the most dire of circumstances and provides step-by-step planning and guidance to ensure optimal readiness for disasters, either man-made or natural. With budgets under the microscope and the pool of donor dollars shrinking, institutions can ill afford any misstep.

LEVICK’S Schools team has developed and successfully driven campaigns to advise and guide institutions the through myriad challenges including NCAA violations, crisis planning and preparedness, inappropriate behavior by students and faculty members, digital-rights issues, compensation questions, data security matters, and acquisitions of new land and facilities. For universities that also house a hospital, HIPPA and numerous other compliance issues are paramount. The goal is to cut through the clutter of misinformation and make messages heard and understood by students, alumni, donors, and other constituents.

We target your audiences. We define your message. And we deliver it, loudly, clearly, and responsibly.

Colleges and universities deal with unique situations that require tactful communications. Our Schools team routinely helps institutions of learning with:

  • Student protests
  • Violence on campus
  • Fiscal crises and funding cuts
  • Research funding and corporate relationships
  • Tuition increases and college affordability
  • Financial accountability
  • Personnel dispute, including tenure
  • Affirmative action policies
  • Hazing
  • Campus security issues, including crime on campus
  • Hate speech on campus
  • Research ethics
  • Academic freedom issues
  • Academic integrity and cheating scandals
  • College and university fundraising
  • Academic brand building
  • Academic Reputation Management

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