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Professional services firms – law, accounting, consulting, engineering – are at a crossroads. Their industries are consolidating. Their clients are more demanding. And the loyalty of their partners has significantly diminished. In this pressure cooker, they must differentiate themselves in the marketplace even as they find ways to strengthen their internal ranks in an age of intensified lateral mobility.

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Professional Services

What we do

LEVICK’S Professional Services team understands that the communications agenda is thus a hybrid of brand development and reputational protection. Brand development, to raise the firm’s profile, increase revenue, and enlarge the client base, thereby incentivizing key partners to stay on board. Reputational protection, to maintain institutional credibility when defections and disputes do occur.

We have served clients – including most of the brand name law firms in the world – on both fronts since our firm was founded. We pioneered innovative branding campaigns when the Internet was in its infancy. Today, we not only provide firms with the benefits of cutting-edge digital communications and social networking; we secure the top-tier media placements that continue to drive visibility and establish unimpeachable thought leadership. We help clients highlight not just their people; but the key issues that drive and shape their industries.

At the same time, we have guided firms through major partnership reorganizations, failed mergers, and malpractice allegations that threaten institutional meltdown.

In a competitive globalized market, no professional services firm can afford to ignore the likely problems ahead – or the potential solutions at hand.

You built your legal practice from the ground up.  Now let’s take it where you really want to go.  LEVICK is more than a law firm marketing agency – we’re an opinion shaper in the courts and in the public opinion. Our marketing PR services for lawyers and law firms include:

  • Crafting a message to differentiate you from other law firms
  • Showcasing your legal experience
  • Building a web presence to highlight your niche expertise in various industries
  • Branding a law firm
  • Building law firm name recognition
  • Tailoring the law firm marketing plan to your target audience
  • Preparing the law firm’s crisis PR plan for when things go wrong
  • Media relations training for lawyers and partners

Marketing an engineering firm is about telling your firm’s story, delivering your message, and being in the right place when your prospective client comes looking for you. LEVICK’s Professional Services communications team does exactly that. Our service include:

  • Media relations for engineering clients
  • Spokesperson training for engineers and practice partners
  • Building relationships with engineering trade press
  • Gain influence with bloggers and journalists covering architecture, construction, and related industries

As the recent drama surrounding National Security Agency consultant Edward Snowden show us, consulting firms aren’t immune to PR crises. LEVICK prepares consultants for a PR crisis before a situation emerges. Our PR services for consulting firms include:

  • Developing a crisis response plan
  • Training partners how to respond to a crisis
  • Media relations for consulting firm partners and spokespersons
  • PR strategies to manage client expectations
  • Consulting firm marketing plans
  • Creating an identity for the corporate consultancy
  • Responding to consulting firm criticism

Marketing an accounting firm today is a complicated task. It’s no longer about handing out brochures or waiting for referrals. LEVICK’s Professional Services PR team helps accountants and accounting firms handle the communications challenges of the 21st century. Our services include:

  • Creating a custom-tailored marketing and PR plan
  • Developing a social media strategy for the accounting firm
  • Positioning accountants as specialists in their clients’ industries
  • Preparing a content marketing plan for accountants and the practice
  • Training your team on the best practices of PR and marketing for CPA firms
  • Telling the accounting firm’s story
  • Preparing the accounting firm for a crisis

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