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Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

Today, it’s nutritional supplements. Yesterday it was Vioxx. The day before that, it was Fen-Phen. Tomorrow it may be your favorite over-the-counter pain reliever. The pharmaceutical industry is a playground for plaintiffs’ lawyers and a breeding ground for multi-district litigation. The medical device industry is likewise at risk, facing lawsuits that make up in severity what they might lack in volume.

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What we do

LEVICK’S Pharmaceutical and Medical Device team understands that the challenges often go beyond litigation. There are multiple audiences to address, from eager regulators to agitating NGOs. There are drug-approval processes facing public scrutiny and demanding careful strategic communications. Roiling under the surface are issues waiting to erupt into controversy – from drug shortages to drug costs. Questions abound over Medicare, Medicaid, and the marketing practices of Big Pharma – all of which must be nimbly and responsibly navigated.

We have joined with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, large and small, to manage ongoing exposure and current lawsuits, and to map out communications plans well ahead of their need. The high-stakes issues we have managed cover the gamut, from melamine contamination in infant formula, to clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease drugs.

Of necessity, crisis management is now part of the DNA of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. LEVICK maps the code.

Our pharmaceutical communications counselors help you shape public opinion on a range of issues, including:

  • Pharmaceutical Crisis Management
  • Pharmaceutical Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Pharmaceutical Reputation Management
  • Pharmaceutical Litigation
  • Clinical Trials of Pharmaceuticals
  • New Drug Launches
  • Intellectual Property Protection Cases
  • Investor Relations

In the area of medical devices, our services include:

  • Medical Device Product Launches – Marketing and PR Strategy
  • Medical Sector Media Relations
  • Medical Device Malfunction Lawsuits
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Protection
  • Public and Regulatory Affairs

LEVICK is a proud member of the Consumer Health Care Products Association. We assist CHPA members with their communications needs, including crisis communications planning and execution, issues management and media relations.

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