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A markedly more contentious business environment has created new challenges for insurance companies and their clients. Post-Sandy claims were front-page news for many months as plaintiffs’ lawyers and local officials staked self-interested positions. Katrina, 9/11, and a host of other claims related to civil litigation have likewise been painfully complex. Meanwhile, the debate over healthcare insurance rages on, even as the Affordable Care Act is implemented and new compliance challenges emerge.

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What we do

LEVICK’S Insurance team, including corporate and trade association veterans of the industry, has advised companies both in and out of court, tailoring digital strategies and building relationships with the editors, beat reporters and bloggers who decisively affect the climate of opinion in which settlements are made.

During the 9/11 aftermath, we guided a UK insurer through the thicket of public scrutiny and litigation, effectively protecting the company’s public image during acrimonious negotiations. In any number of cases before and since, LEVICK’s communications work has helped reduce legal settlements, often by tens of millions of dollars.

Insurance companies walk a daily tightrope as they grapple with multifaceted issues, the outcomes of which can determine the futures of the companies and individuals they insure. As with all at-risk industries, a practical, effective communications strategy is often the best insurance against events that can corrode corporate brands.

Our insurance industry PR experts are poised to help insurance firms achieve their communications goals by:

  • Building insurance company brand recognition
  • Positioning insurance executives as experts and thought leaders
  • Educating consumers about insurance issues
  • Disseminating messages to insurance industry trade media
  • Reaching insurance customers through consumer media
  • Promoting growth of commercial insurance companies through outreach to business media
  • Protecting insurance company reputations during periods of public scrutiny
  • Helping insurance companies and insurance associations communicate with lawmakers and regulators

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