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Foreign Governments

Very often, there is no limit to a government’s communications needs. New business investment must be attracted. Compliance with international humanitarian standards needs to be demonstrated. Policy decisions must be justified. Economic growth initiatives must be marketed and sold to multiple audiences throughout the world.

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Foreign Governments

What we do

LEVICK’S Foreign Governments team provides just such seamless strategic service to nations throughout the world. We understand the concerns of potential corporate investors: stability, safety, and long-term growth potential. It’s about a lot more than glossy ads in a business publication. It’s about permeating digital media with persuasive content. It’s about reaching corporate decision-makers with messages they will believe.

It’s also about NGOs and watchdog organizations that hold foreign governments accountable for their political and economic policies. When LEVICK’S Foreign Governments team partnered with Dubai, we effectively delivered the Emirate’s messages about human rights and rule of law. Many NGOs were convinced. So was the State Department.

In a shrinking world, foreign governments must play in the other guy’s ballpark and learn to speak his language as persuasively as possible. For growth-oriented countries, the time to learn is now.

LEVICK’s Foreign Governments team regularly helps sovereign nations with:

  • Advancing political and legislative goals through communications
  • Building international support for national objectives
  • Influencing public opinion around the world
  • Navigating the complexities of a free press in the United States and other nations
  • Counseling foreign governments about U.S. public opinion and political systems
  • Advancing national commercial interests
  • Adapting a message for English-speaking audiences
  • Communication strategies during human rights issues

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