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It doesn’t always matter that global food makers have been monumentally effective in providing the world’s safest, most abundant, and most affordable food supply. With heightened regulatory oversight and the speed with which isolated problems are digitally communicated, even the most circumspect companies face recalls, labeling issues, safety crises, and a host of other brand-damaging events.

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What we do

LEVICK’S Food Issues team remains the food industry’s leading communications and crisis counselor. We oversaw the front-page national spinach recall of 2007 and helped bring that crisis to a resolute conclusion. We prepared several restaurants, including Bob Evans and Arby’s for potential crisis and we did the same for the USDA itself. When one company expanded overseas, we helped guarantee that the same unimpeachable product safety standards would be instituted on two continents.

We have managed and minimized the long-term impact of more than 160 recalls for food manufacturers, restaurants, and suppliers. As food industry insiders, we know exactly what fears and anxieties affect consumers – and how they can best get the safety reassurances they deserve before, during, and after crises of any magnitude.

The communication challenges we help the food and beverage surmount include:

  • Restaurant Branding
  • Supermarket Branding
  • Restaurant Lawsuit PR Strategy
  • Food Safety Issues
  • Food Labeling Issues
  • Launching a Food Brand
  • Anti-Obesity Campaigns
  • Increasing Food and Restaurant Brand Awareness

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