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A new energy future has dawned in North America. It promises to fundamentally benefit everything from manufacturing competitiveness to geopolitical considerations. And renewable energy and the new abundance of natural gas promises a bridge to a lower carbon future. The challenge is that in a digitally hyper-connected world every organization operating within the energy sector is facing the harsh business reality that environmental and shareholder activists present serious challenges to every energy play.

Whether you’re an upstream producer, an energy services supplier, a solar or wind operator, or provide transportation and distribution, even the soundest business strategies can be disrupted or derailed by activists, major incidents, and change or delay in regulatory approvals. Flying below the radar is never an option, and deciding to “weather the storm” is a surefire way to see your reputation, and your brand valuation evaporate.

At LEVICK, we don’t ignore this reality. Nor do we merely acknowledge it. We embrace it.

LEVICK’s Energy Practice specialists will not only protect and preserve your reputation against attacks that are increasingly digital in nature, but help you harness the power of digital communications in order to strengthen and enhance your brand amongst the most crucial stakeholders.

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What we do

Across the spectrum of energy interests, we help clients communicate safety, responsibility, and a true connection to the communities in which they operate. We help clients win ballot initiatives, secure government approvals and engage emerging markets. We help clients engage shareholders and consumers in conversations that emphasize value. We help clients establish a social and digital media presence that prevents oppositional voices from controlling an increasingly critical online narrative. And we help clients develop the actionable intelligence that minimizes risk in myriad compliance, transactional, or operational situations.

LEVICK’s Energy Team possesses the experience and expertise necessary to reach your communications and advocacy objectives. Our specialized energy industry services include:

  • Issue Campaign Management
  • Grassroots Engagement
  • Federal & State Lobbying
  • Business Intelligence
  • Incident and Crisis Response
  •  Litigation Communications Support
  • Media Relations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Shareholder and Investor Relations

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