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Not since the “peace dividend” era has the defense industry faced such a multifaceted challenge. Sequestration is a reality. Resources are scarce, budgets are threatened, cost overruns generate unwanted (and unfair) attention, and politicians scramble to exploit perceived advantages. For contractors, the procurement process has only become more uncertain in the face of diverse political and economic influencers.

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What we do

At a time when the industry must speak simultaneously and consistently to both the public and their representatives, the LEVICK Defense team deploys experts recruited from every sector of the government on behalf of our clients. We have directly and successfully challenged Pentagon decisions. We have aggressively and effectively persuaded public audiences of the value and integrity of top contractors and manufacturers, both U.S-based and foreign companies.
The messages are compelling. Companies can talk about an industry that defends the core values of the American people. They can remind the public that companies doing business in hot spots like Afghanistan are often the only ones that can effectively safeguard our mission and our people. They can emphasize compliance with the law and how contractors and manufacturers will support responsible efforts to improve it.
The defense industry has a great story to tell. Are you prepared to tell it?
Who We Serve:

  • Defense Contractors
  • Defense Manufacturers
  • Aerospace Companies
  • Defense Agencies
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Intelligence Contractors
  • Homeland Security Stakeholders
  • State and Federal Agencies

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