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The reputational challenges for banks in the marketplace are unprecedented. The ongoing tumult in the global capital markets has created a trust deficit between the banking industry, the public, and state, federal, and overseas regulators. Fueled by negative public opinion, consumer anger, and relentlessly negative media scrutiny, government officials are intensifying oversight and implementing a host of new regulations that define the Dodd-Frank and global rules.

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What we do

LEVICK’s Banking team is comprised of professionals tested over time and in multiple financial crises. We have proven experience with integrated campaigns that control the narrative in the best and worst of situations. We provide our banking clients and outside counsel with resources that underscore transparency to regulators, investors, consumers, and other key stakeholders so trust can be rebuilt. Our campaigns help clients maximize enterprise value through a consistent emphasis on what banks are doing right and where the potential for growth lies.
In today’s world, a dynamic communications strategy – and the right partner who can flawlessly implement it – is a critical part of a bank’s crisis and public affairs, risk management, business oversight, and strategic planning arsenal.

The LEVICK Banking team helps banks develop and deploy communications plans for any issue a bank can face, including:

  • Bank Regulation
  • Bank Mergers
  • Bank Brand Building
  • Bank Failure
  • Runs on the Bank
  • Peacetime Communications Strategy
  • Financial Crisis Management
  • Investor Relations
  • Communicating with Customers
  • Media Relations
  • Cyber-security Issues

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