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Air and ground disasters jeopardize an airline’s financial status, threaten its reputation for safety, and create havoc throughout the airline industry. Their impacts affect thousands: business and leisure travelers, airport and airline officials, ground crews, and union officials. Worse yet, they often tighten restrictions at Homeland Security, the FAA, NTSB, and the TSA.

Airline PR disasters aren’t just limited to airplane crashes and other tragedies. Airline industry PR must address the growing communication gap between airlines and the public. Traveler frustration with airlines, justified or not, can quickly spiral into an aviation PR crisis every bit as damaging to your business as an aviation disaster.

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What we do

While we have worked with numerous airlines and aircraft manufacturers to navigate myriad worst-case scenarios, we understand that serious full-service aviation communications is about more than managing catastrophes.

It’s about helping clients handle adverse regulatory safety reports while new planes are still in the shed. It’s about customer and public relations when multiple flights are cancelled and passengers are stranded en masse – an increasingly likely occurrence in this era of government budget cuts. It’s about protecting the brand and corporate leadership when assaults are launched on companies’ business practices. It’s about security policy in an age of terrorism. And it’s about how airlines prove their value in financial markets throughout the world.

The LEVICK Aviation PR team is a first responder whenever tragedy strikes. Equally important, our work also begins long before takeoff – with airline crisis communications plans that can be immediately implemented as needed, online and off, to address urgent concerns at every level, from the runway to Wall Street.

Our airline PR services include:

  • Promote the interests of air travel and air cargo industry clients.
  • Build relationships with aviation media and mainstream media.
  • Interviews with aviation press and trade publications
  • Publicity for new airline routes
  • PR campaigns for airlines launching new services
  • Airline quarterly earnings announcements
  • Airline IPO media and public relations
  • Media training for airline executives
  • Digital PR, social media and SEO

We provide aviation PR services to a range of aviation clients, including:

  • Charter airlines
  • Regional airlines
  • International carriers
  • Commercial airlines
  • Airline executives
  • Aviation manufacturers

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